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Frequently Asked Questions
What is HourGetProfit?


HourGetProfit, It is a pay-per-click and investment site, we offer the best investment plans with earnings of up to 115%, as well as advertising with the best market prices.

HGP, is an innovative project with extensive experience in the world of investments, designed with a unique system of investment plans that generate very good profits for our members.


How can I invest with HourGetProfit?


Investing with our investment program is easy and it only takes a minute of your time. Simply click on a registration button and complete a small registration form. As soon as you are finished, you can log in and create your first deposit by clicking on the By Plans button.


How many accounts can I open in HourGetProfit?


Our policy is against the creation of many accounts with only one member. That's why we constantly ask to create and use an account. Our technical control service verifies all the records and if there are several accounts that contain the same user data, all these accounts will be blocked. The funds in these accounts will also be blocked.


Can you buy several plans at the same time?


No, you can only have one active plan, if you make a purchase by the same plan that you have active the expiration time will be extended.


Example, if your active plan is Bronze and it expires in 3 days, when you buy the same plan, now your plan will expire in 9 days.


If you buy a plan different from the one you have active, the benefits of the previous plan will be lost and the new purchased plan will become active.


Because my plan expiro before time?


Depending on the purchased plan these have a duration of 7, 10, 12 and 30 days from the moment they are purchased.


Plans expire at the same time they were purchased, if you buy a plan at 12:00 p.m., it will expire at the same time it was purchased at the end of the plan's duration.


Example: if your Bronze Plan was purchased on January 1, 2019 04:00:10 AM, this will end on January 7, 2019 04:00:10 AM.


What's the minimum withdrawal amount?


For the members of the Basic Plan the minimum withdrawal is $0.10 and a phased withdrawal scheme will be applied in this order: $0.10, $0.50, $1, $2.


For members with Active Investment Plans, the minimum withdrawal is $0.10 without limit of daily withdrawals.


What Payment Methods do you accept?


To buy and withdraw only accept Perfect Money and Payeer.


Proximente we will be accepted other payment methods.


I received an email with a request to give my username and password. What to do?


Do not respond to such email. Under no circumstances should you disclose your personal information to third parties. Keep in mind that some scammers may represent themselves as employees of HourGetProfit. We will never ask for your username or password.


Why can't I add or modify my payment methods?


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