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New Investment Plan [PREMIUM]
Published on 09-01-2019

Hello dear Members.

For this new year we bring you a new investment plan with good benefits. It is ideal for members with direct referrals.

Below the details of each of them.

Price $6
Duration 30 Days
8 Premium Ads of $0.025
8 Basic Ads. of $0.001
Per referral click 75%
Maximum Direct Referrals 50
Reference Commission: $ 0.02

For more information, see the following link.


Best Regards.
HourGetProfit Staff.

News HGP
Published on 08-01-2019

Hello dear HGP members.


Once again, thanks for being part of our project, we appreciate the trust you have shown since the beginning of our website.


With the beginning of this new year we have inhabited the purchase of credits for ads.


We have added a new Investment Plan (Premium) with good benefits, with this new plan you will obtain greater profits from your direct referrals.


Soon we will enable the Rented Referents and Grid.


Best Regards.
HourGetProfit Staff.

Published on 29-12-2018

Dear Members,


After numerous requests, we finally added PAYEER as a payment processor.


From now on, all members will be able to buy and withdraw their profits by means of this payment processor.


I hope you like this news. For any question, do not hesitate to contact us.



Best Regards.
HourGetProfit Staff.

Investment Plans HGP
Published on 08-12-2018

Hello to all dear members.

After studying our active plans, we have added 3 new investment plans with good benefits.

Below the details of each of them.

Price $ 1
Earnings per plan 103%
Duration 7 Days
Reference Commission: $ 0.02

Price $ 15
Earnings per plan 112%
Duration 10 Days
Reference Commission: $ 0.05

Price $ 20
Earnings per plan 114%
Duration 12 Days
Reference Commission: $ 0.06

For more information, consult the following link.


Best Regards.
HourGetProfit Staff.

Promo Forum HGP
Published on 04-12-2018

Hello dear Members.


First of all thanks for being part of our HGP project, we are very happy with the acceptance we have had in no time, in gratitude, we have taken out the "Promo Forum HGP".


This promotion is about rewarding members with the most massage in the forum, it will be valid until December 30 of this year, 23:59 server time.


First: $5
Second: $2
Third: $1


Conditions to participate in the promition:

1.- Buy some of our investment plans.
2.- Be consistent in the publication of your payment tests.
3.- Share your experience with HGP, in the testimonies section.
4.- Show your statistics in the forum.
5.- To have the greatest amount of messages in the different topics of the forum.
6.- The messages must be relevant to the topic, otherwise they will not be taken into account and the participant will be out of the promotion.


Good luck to everyone.


Best Regards.
HourGetProfit Staff.

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